Mission Statement

Tallahassee Comic Con Inc. is a non-profit educational, literary, and artistic corporation dedicated to the discussion and appreciation of science fiction, fantasy, and popular culture, primarily through the hosting of conventions and events.

Statement of Values

Tallahassee Comic Con was created with the idea of making a convention where geeks, nerds, and fans of anything science fiction, fantasy, and pop culture can come together to celebrate our ongoing love for our fandoms. No one should feel excluded because their fandom isn't a major one, or because their fandom has gotten insulted, harassed, or tarnished.

In that regard Tallahassee Comic Con Inc, and its Officers, staff and volunteers will:
  1. Act with integrity and honor in all manners of business with guests, vendors, sponsors, attendees, venues, partners, and the community at large.
  2. Be inclusive and respective to our fans and their fandoms.
  3. Strive to have a safe environment at our convention and events, free from bullying, harassment, and discrimination.
  4. Abide by all federal, state, and local laws.
Tallahassee Comic Con expects anyone representing the convention, (staff, volunteers, vendors, sponsors, or venues) to abide by these values.

Safe Environment Policy

The following will not be tolerated by Tallahassee Comic Con:
  1. Any form of harassment, including inappropriate or unwanted touching, unwanted sexual language or gestures, covert or inappropriate photography, and inappropriate use of nudity or sexual imagery in public locations.
  2. Hate speech, defined as speech that is intended to insult, offend, or intimidate a person because of some trait (as race, religion, sexual orientation, national origin, or disability)
  3. Behavior that is disruptive, destructive, or unsafe to staff, attendees, guests, sponsors, vendors, or venue, including intimidation or threats, whether verbal, physical, or electronic.
  4. Any illegal activity or act.
Tallahassee Comic Con will have on site security officers. If you are subjected to or witness anything that violates our safe environment policy, please contact a security officer or volunteer immediately.  If you feel threatened in any manner, please proceed directly to any of the Tallahassee Comic Con Information Booths or Ticket Booths where they will contact administration or security immediately.
  • Saturday, December 2nd:

    9:00 AM – Event Halls at Tallahassee Automobile Museum opens and Registration begins
    9:30 AM – Event opens to VIP
    10:00 AM – Event opens to General Admission, Panels begin
    6:00 PM – Vendor Floor closes
    Hours subject to change

    9:00 AM – Event Halls at Tallahassee Automobile Museum open and Registration begins
    9:30 AM – Event opens to VIP
    10:00 AM – Event opens to General Admission, Panels begin
    5:00 PM – EVENT CLOSES, See you in 2018!
    Hours subject to change


We are currently working on finalizing ticket information. Please check back here and on our Social Media pages for more in the future.