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Welcome to the information page for Tallahassee Comic Con’s Costume Contests. Time to rev up those sewing machines and make something incredible!

The three contests:

  • Cosplay Contest – Saturday
    • focused on technical skill and accuracy to a design, and will have pre-judging.
  • Costume Contest – Sunday
    • open to anyone (whether the costume is from a design or original) and will involve no pre-judging
  • Kid's Costume Contest – Sunday
    • open to anyone 12 & under

 The following rules and restrictions apply to ALL Contests and Contest Participants. Anyone violating any rules or policies of the Contests may be disqualified. 


  1. You may NOT enter as a designer (i.e. make a costume and have a model wear it)! The only exception to this rule is children 12 and under, who may model costumes made by their parents.
  2. You must have a valid ticket/badge for Tallahassee Comic Con for the day of the contest you are entering.
  3. One entry per person; no separate entries from the same person. This includes group entries.
  4. All contests are limited to 20 entries, so sign-up early!
  5. No profanity.
  6. No devices, either powered or unpowered, may be flown, tethered, released or deployed at the convention without prior written permission from Tallahassee Comic Con. This includes, but is not limited to, drones, lighter than air objects, airplanes, or remote control vehicles.
  7. Outfits and costumes must follow local, state and federal laws. Keep in mind that this is a family event.
  8. Props, weapons, and accessories that pass our Security and Weapons Policy must also be capable of remaining in your full and complete control. For example, if your eight foot long foam sword is a hazard on stage, we may ask you to take the item back to your vehicle or hotel room. 
  9. No confetti, glitter, rose petals, other small messy objects, or pretty much anything that can be tossed, handed, hurled, hurtled, sprayed, dripped, scooted, or fired to or at the crowd or judges.
  10. No food, drink, or animals (excluding service animals) onstage.
  11. If your costume has won 1st Place or Best Individual in a previous Tallahassee Comic Con (ALT*Con Florida) contest, you may not compete in the same costume.
  12. If you win an award in the Saturday Cosplay Contest, you may not compete in the Sunday Costume Contests.

A NOTE TO GROUPS: A group is 2-8 people entering together. Due to space constraints, the maximum number allowed in a group is 8. Entering as a group disqualifies you for any individual awards. A group is counted as one entry, and any prize won will have to be split amongst yourselves.


Concealed or open-carry firearms are NOT permitted in the convention area.

Weapon Check tags may be be removed by Convention Staff only and at the discretion of Convention Staff. We do not guarantee that we will allow your weapon to be untagged for contest entry. Firearms will NOT be untagged, no exceptions. All weapons must be re-tagged after the contest/contest photo session is complete.

If you are thinking of bringing a prop or accessory that you are unsure of, please contact us via Tally Comic Con Info.

All prop or replica weapons must be incapable of firing or allowing to be fired any type of projectile. Any type of ammunition is not allowed into the convention.

Water guns, Nerf guns, paintball guns and air-soft guns are permitted with the following restrictions:

Guns must be rendered completely inoperable beforehand; that is there shall not be batteries installed or gas/propellant allowing the weapon to be fired.

Water guns are not to be filled with any liquid in the convention areas.


  • Dart guns
  • Blow guns
  • Saws
  • Metal chains
  • Nunchaku
  • Brass knuckles
  • Explosive or incendiary devices, this includes any item that is capable of remote or direct ignition

Knives, swords, and daggers are allowed, but will be tied by Security in such a way that they cannot be drawn or unsheathed.

Bows are allowed, as long as they cannot shoot projectiles of any kind.

Staffs (staves) will be allowed but may not have any sharpened edges.

Items such as bullwhips, ropes, and lassos are allowed, but must remain rolled and secured at all times.

Transportation of weapons to and from the Contest must follow the convention's weapon policy.


Register early online via Tally Comic Con Cosplay

OR register at the convention at the Information Booth

Whether you register online or at the con, you must report to the Information Booth the day of the contest to receive your Entry Badge and any further information.

Show up to the contest at least 30 minutes prior. If you are not at the stage on time, you will forfeit your entry and chance at any prize. For groups, ALL group members must be present onstage.